Weisshorn Glacier Gin

Weisshorn Glacier Gin

The Weisshorn Alpine Glacier Gin is distilled in the Valais Alps in a community with only 68 inhabitants at an altitude of 2,000 meters using a particularly gentle low-temperature process. This untouched and extraordinary nature in the Alps inspired the creators of the gin for exactly this exclusive distillate. As far as possible, they wanted to use regional and natural ingredients that grow in this area to make gin and thus bring the taste together in one bottle.

In addition to the juniper berries intended for the drink, other ingredients are also used in the distillate. A total of 12 carefully selected ingredients are processed here to make the delicious Weisshorn Alpine Glacier Gin. These include edelweiss, sweet clover, elderflower, alpine wormwood and coriander. So the juniper comes from Switzerland. The edelweiss ingredient is a rare plant here and is harvested on slopes every season and is the symbol of the entire country. The gin owes its light taste of liquorice to this plant.

The Weisshorn Alpine Glacier Gin is exclusively sold in UK by Shokunin House.

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