Vintage Cocktail Masterclass with Marian Beke
  • Vintage Cocktail Masterclass with Marian Beke

    You read that right, you can book your private masterclass with The Gibson Bar manager and owner, Marian Beke, he is an internationally known bartender, famous for his outstanding creativity. He is constantly looking out for new tastes, ingredients and inspiring people all around the world.

    The package includes 3 of The Gibson Vintage Cocktails of your choice, delivered to your home, and 1h masterclass via Zoom with Marian Beke from The Gibson Bar. Marian will tell you about the cocktails of your choice, what inspired him to created them, the history of the drinks and the way to preparpe them at home, plus many more. 

    The list of available The Gibson Vintage Cocktails you can find in our Cocktails page. You can choose between Vintage Negroni, Vintage Amaorsa, Vintage Absinthe Cocktail and many more!

    Terms and conditions:

    - Masterclass will be scheduled via email, to suits both parties. 
    - Minimum 1 person per masterclass, maxmimum 6. If more, please email us prior. 
    - All 3 cocktails must be the same for the participating party. 

    - Vintage Cocktails are subject to availability

    - Masterclass will last 1 hour via Zoom or other video applications. 
    - Price is per 1 person. Cocktails will be selected after purchase. 
    - International shipping available.

    - We can provide bar tools like shakers, mixing glasses and bar spoons from Birdy range available on our website.

    If you have any question, please email us at


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