RAW Sunflower Honey

RAW Sunflower Honey

Raw Honey produced by natural and organic standards by our trusted artisan beekeeper friends. We source our Unpasteurized and Unprocessed Pure Honey straight from small scale beekeepers to make sure the honey takes the shortest journey from hives to your table to keep its natural goodness.

The flavour of Raw Sunflower Honey is identical, aromatic and tasty, has a hint of sunflower seeds taste. Sunflower Honey is generally a set honey, crystallising medium fast, its colour depends on the flavonoids content and varies from light gold to orange. Raw Sunflower Honey has an antiseptic effect therefore very good if you have a sore throat or cold. Could be added to tea or fantastic on a hot toast with butter, is excellent for cooking and baking too.

220 Grams

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