RAW Elderflower Infused Acacia Honey

RAW Elderflower Infused Acacia Honey

Raw Honey produced by natural and organic standards by our trusted artisan beekeeper friends. We source our Unpasteurized and Unprocessed Pure Honey straight from small scale beekeepers to make sure the honey takes the shortest journey from hives to your table to keep its natural goodness.

Raw Elderflower Honey is a pure delight, deliciously fragrant, smooth and heavenly sweet. Real hand-picked Elderflower Blossom aged with very best Raw Acacia Honey to achieve this fragile Elder Blossom flavour and nose. Works well with natural yoghurt and berries, enjoy it with tea or on your favourite scones & clotted cream, experiment to find your favourite.
This honey could contain pieces of edible Elderflower Blossom.

220 Grams

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