Black Tot 40 Year Old

Black Tot 40 Year Old

‘'The British Navy’s love of the rum from Guyana is well-documented. This single cask bottling of rum was distilled in the Port Mourant still which has a history almost as long as the Royal Navy ration, and for me truly represents the ‘heart of the tot’. '’ - Oliver Chilton, Head Blender

One of the oldest examples of Demerara Rum in the world today, this was distilled in 1975 in the historic Port Mourant Double Wooden Vat Still while it was housed at the now demolished Uitvlugt distillery in Guyana.
We consider this rum to be one of ‘The Hearts of the Tot’, such was Guyana’s importance in the historic Navy Rum blend. 40 years of angel’s share has brought it to 44.2% ABV, and we present this exceptionally rare rum at its natural cask strength.

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700 Milliliters

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