Birdy Cocktail Shaker 500

Birdy Cocktail Shaker 500

A shaker designed in pursuit of flavor and ideal smoothness.
Normally, shakers are machine polished in a horizontal direction. The Birdy 3-Piece Shaker has a vertical polished grain in the direction the liquid will travel in order to create kinetic energy to help you shake with greater power.
The shouldered shape of conventional 3-piece shakers puts unnecessary stress on ice and ingredients. The Birdy design is smoothly rounded into the ideal shape to maximize efficiency and help you produce better blended drinks.
Expert craftsmen use a 10-step process to micro-polish each shaker by hand to within 0.2 microns. This ideal smoothness produces the greatest amount of miniature air bubbles to be shaken into your drinks, aerating them to improve flavor and texture.
Dimensions: W84 mm × H192 mm, 500 ml, 336 g / Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel, Micro-polished by hand


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