Barekten Morket Darkness Gin 2019

Barekten Morket Darkness Gin 2019

Bareksten Mørket Darkness Gin First Edition - Stig Bareksten has created two limited editions, Lightness and Darkness made on the longest day and the shortest days of 2019.
Bareksten Mørket Darkness Gin made on the longest day of the year 2019, 20th June Summer Solstice, and symbolises the darkness coming. Both of them have the traditional Bareksten Backbone, with the Fresh Fruit Botanicals of Lyset being of Citrus and Strawberries to remind us of Summer, and Morket the fresh botanicals picked on the day of the Summer Solstice.
Bottles also come with a gift box. Only 1678 bottles made, and 6 bottles available in the UK.

Bareksten Mørket Darkness Gin is exclusively sold in UK by Shokunin House.

500 Milliliters

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